Monday, June 15, 2009

Forever Changed - The Beginning

On a cold day in February, my life forever changed by the Little Professor. The Good Professor (GP) and I walked into the doctor's office ready to discuss my freakishly small pelvis and our seemingly large baby. My doctor performed yet another exam where the concluded my cervix was as closed as Fort Knox. And is that not what every expectant woman wants to hear the day after her due date? My doctor explained to me that our large baby and my v-shaped pelvis did not exactly make for a perfect union. I could wait and see if the Little Professor would ever want to exit his warm soothing chamber. Why would he ever want to leave the warmth of my belly when he would be greeted by harsh winds and snow up one's nether regions? Or, I could schedule a cesarean section to help the Little Professor enter this great, big, cold world.

GP and I already discussed it before this day, weighing the pros and cons. All we knew is that the Little Professor needed to enter this world safely. After a few more minutes of discussion, we concluded that the Little Professor would be delivered via a large incision and not my va-jay-jay. Yikes.

As we waited in the lobby for the delivery to be scheduled, I could feel my foot shake nervously. I kept my hands on my belly feeling the Little Professor's movements and kicks. How I would miss these moments with my little man but I would not trade them for meeting the Little Professor face to face. After what seemed like an eternity, the scheduler called us into a small office.

"Did you have anything to eat this morning?" she asked abruptly.

"Um, yeah. Why? I mean, aren't we doing this tomorrow?" I asked.

"The doctor wants to do it this afternoon and if you hadn't eaten breakfast, we could do it this morning," she told me nonchalantly like, oh yeah, we could have met for tennis this morning HAD YOU NOT BEEN SO VERY PREGNANT.

I sat there stunned as she called the anesthesiologist who told her that my surgery could not be performed until the afternoon. After given instructions about when to show up, we left the office somewhat in a stupor.

We were going to have a baby today.

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  1. I am so glad you are sharing this with me.

    What a wonderful journey, mommys and daddys are forever changed with that little amazing thing - it's truly fantastic that we discover so many new and wonderful things about ourself and the power that tiny little bundle has over us ... the transformation is quite fantastic and quick. A blink of an eye and you are no longer the person you once were. Nothing on this earth changes us as completely and totally as that as a child.

    Well wishes to all of you and keep the posts coming. I so love hearing of other families transformation from independent adult to devoted and totally dependent mommy/daddy.