Monday, October 5, 2009

Motivationally Challenged

Every day I think of something about which I would like to write. But as a new(ish) mother who lacks sleep and is trying to save the world, one client at a time, the motivation trickles away. I would much rather watch So You Think You Can Dance and Glee than create prose which some anonymous reader in some city far away takes in with great interest. Who am I kidding. I barely read blogs anymore let alone expect that I will make some effort to have others read mine. It's just not a priority anymore.

What I will say is that motherhood, parenthood, being a middle America family in a Midwestern town is a trip. My little boy is not only one of two of my great loves, he is my little friend. He is a wonder and delight. Especially when this little friend does this as we eat breakfast at our favorite restaurant:


  1. Hi - I could be totally wrong - but I think I just followed this link to your blog, from a post that you left on Dooce's community. If I'm correct, I wanted to respond to your question re: how old is too old to nurse.

    (I tried to register to respond on the community webpage - but I didn't receive my password information and I'm impatient.) So anyway.

    I frequently ask myself the same question about how old is too old. I'm currently in the process of weaning our 28-month old toddler and I never imagined that I'd nurse a child until he was OVER two, but here I am.

    It just kind of happened - and I actually love the bond that we share. I don't nurse him all the time, and since we're in 'wean' mode, I'll only nurse him once a day, or every couple days. But it's still a GREAT thing to do and it calms him down like nothing else.

    I nursed our first born (who were triplets) until they were around 17 months and it made me sad to stop. I think that ultimately, you need to do what feels right to you. Don't let any one else's judgment stop you. There are LOTS of women who nurse their children until they are 2 or 3 years old {Personally, I couldn't see going older than 3, but that's just me.). They just don't share that information because they don't want to be criticized.

    Your little one is adorable. Enjoy every minute. It goes way too fast!!